Joy Reid and Michael Steele have lost their minds! Somehow Reid and Steele have labeled parents that don't want their children looking at explicit material "racist."

There has been an uproar of parents protesting against the adult content presented to their children. Several conservative publications have covered these stories, and we have pretty much heard nothing but crickets from the mainstream media and the lefties. That is until now. MSNBC's Joy Reid Brought the former RNC Chairman Michael Steele and they pretty much went on an anti-racist rant against parents.

We all know that the left has a playbook for everything, and race-baiting play number one. I must say, as a Black man, I am embarrassed by these two morons. In what world does speaking against adult content in schools become a show of support for racism? The only world in which that would exist is inside the mind of a brainwashed liberal.

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